“We were headed for a disrupted adoption.  My son couldn’t last more than a few hours in school, was sensory seeking, couldn’t learn to read and displayed fine motor and motor sequencing delays.   Three years ago we started N.R.  We are now securely attached, and he is reading, loves learning and has the emotional resiliency typical of most kids his age.  Plus he’s become a scooter kid – practicing his pro scooter tricks at the park every day.  It is exciting to watch his growing maturity, physical agility and persistence.”  

– Mother of a 9 year old who has completed Neurological Reorganization.

“Our two boys both benefited greatly from neurodeveopmental reorganization.  It was a big commitment for our family to get the exercises completed each day, but my husband and I both agree that it was worth it.  Our first boy had several issues, including possible bonding issues (even though he is our biological child), sensory development issues, anxiety, and possible borderline aspberger’s.  Shortly into the program, he made great strides in each of those areas.  By the end of the program, those issues had all been completely resolved.  He is now entering 4th grade and has been at the top of his class in all subjects since kindergarten (he completed the NR program just before entering kindergarten).

Our second boy had a low sense of self and didn’t feel comfortable taking physical risks before he got started.  He seemed to shy away from sports because of a lack of self confidence.  Now that he has completed the program, he enjoys being active and wants to play sports.  He is the top reader in his class and is doing well in all of his subjects in school.

[The practitioner] was a joy to work with throughout our several years of doing the program between the two boys.  She was professional, good with the kids, and earned our trust.  We knew that she would make sure all the details of their development were addressed before they graduated from the program.  We are thankful to [the practitoner] and the neurodevelopemental reorgnization concept.”

- The wagners 

“We began neuro reorganization with [the practitioner] when our son was seven years old. We were prompted to do so after years of behavior that seemed to be the result of being adopted from Korea at the age of 19 months. Our son had trouble sleeping through the night, arguing about seemingly everything, and reacting negatively to correction. This made homework and daily chores very difficult for everyone.  He would have intense rages when he needed to release tension and had trouble with school work. Stress at school would often result in facial tics.

Within three weeks of starting this program, our son slept through the night in his own room. This was practically a miracle and was such a relief it convinced us that continuing the program would be important. We carried out all program activities and patterns religiously.  Our son’s facial tics improved quickly and over time we saw the development of empathy, acceptance of ‘no’ as an answer and a general relaxation from stress in our home.  Where once I would have to gear up for “combat” with my son after a long day at school, he is now able to come home and complete homework and chores without the tension that used to exist as a result of his stressful and tiring behaviors.

After years of participating in this unique program, our son is now able to more appropriately deal with stress, is successful at school and plays recreational sports. [the practitioner] was not only instrumental in prescribing program ideas for our specific needs, but she worked closely with us to explore all options that may be relevant and appropriate for our child’s situation. This included dietary considerations, homeopathic interventions, and other nontraditional methods to maximize progress.

While neuro reorganization does not bring a child to a state of perfection, it does allow them to put aside reactions rooted in stress and develop into their best selves. Our family was so impressed by our experience that I gave presentations to our local Special Programs Department in our public school district and did a presentation for a local preschool and developmental center. We have been so pleased with the results and our son is thriving.  Now that we have “graduated”, we miss seeing Nina and have been so grateful for all of her help, support, and devotion to all of her clients. She is easy to reach and we considered her a partner in what can be an arduous but rewarding process.”

-The Gauntners